A Legacy of the Word

Today, I had a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something pretty amazing. The church that my parents are part of is building a new worship center, and chose to honor my Dad in a fairly unique manner by using a bible that belonged to him for many years in the dedication ceremony. They dug a hole that is in the approximate location where the new church pulpit will reside, and my Dad’s Bible was placed in that hole and essentially buried there as a literal and figurative representation that the church’s foundation is built on the Word of God.

I happened to be in town this weekend so I thought it would be pretty awesome to go observe that dedication ceremony. So there I was, about to watch my Dad do something not many men are given the honor of doing, ever.

And then he turned to me, handed me the Bible, and asked me to do the honors.

I can’t think of a more visible way to demonstrate the godly, biblically centered legacy that has been handed to me by my Dad. It was truly humbling, and a memory that I will always think about with great fondness and reverence.

This legacy is in sharp contrast to what my Dad’s father handed him. Three words paint the picture: abuse, alcoholism, and abandonment.

But God.

No man on earth has ever gotten fatherhood totally right. But my Dad gave his heart and life to Christ in his mid-twenties, and that made all the difference. I have countless memories of my Dad studying scripture, sharing what he’d been studying with me, and passing along his pursuit of Christ and his desire to let the Word of God be his guide. It really has changed his life. Is still changing his life.

And mine.

And I pray, my children and theirs – for generations to come!

Unless the Lord build the house, those who build labor in vain” – Psalm 127:1


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